Notable Places

Still Drinking

A dingy skaa tavern the Crew stays at. Located in the Oldgate District. The owner has another more successful tavern in the Hotel District. that keeps him busy so he more or less leaves the running of the bar to Thorough, his cousin.

Prickley Pear Cafe

Located next to Fountain Square. Has open seating. A little more high class. Frequented by lower nobles and more well off skaa.

Daily Rest

Rebellion friendly tavern run by Bri in the Old Gate district. It was run by her and her husband until he died about a year back.

The Buxom Wench

Bar in the Twists. Often frequented by Rebellion contact Fil.

The Beer Ministry

Bar in the Twists. Resembles a small gaming house. Includes entertainment of all varieties.

Notable Places

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