Mistborn: The New Nobles

Session Five
Drinking Games

The crew meets up at yet another tavern (real creative GM) and finds a man named Fil, who supposedly has the whereabouts of the fugitive. After successfully convincing him to talk to them, they begin drinking. Fil gets really drunk and gives them the location of Nati (A warehouse called Denner’s) as well as the code to give (The Steel Ministry sent out another proclamation.).

Session Four
Joining the Manhunt

Thorough has a note for the Crew. Waldorf has another opportunity for them and wants to meet them. This time it pays well. There’s a wanted criminal on the loose.
Sent to meet Brennor in the Blockstreet Quarter. They find a wanted poster with Nati’s description, that she’s dangerous and wanted. The other half of the poster is a “help-wanted” for the Hands for Hire crew.

Brennor tries to get the Crew to find Nati without giving them any information and the mere promise of a reward. They decide to find their own info and after Pub crawling, half of the crew finds some seemingly reliable information at The Daily Rest and Tyrian makes a new contact, Journey, at The Beer Ministry.

Session Two
Taking the Job

The Crew meets Waldorf at The Prickly Pear. They settle a price for the job and receive the particulars. Then they take to the streets in order to prepare. They learn some gossip about the noble houses.

Session Three
The Job

The Crew goes to the agreed meeting place and picks up the agreed number of crates. After leaving in Colrianne’s carriage, they hear footsteps behind them. They take off and Tyrian stays behind to try and prevent them from being followed. He successfully slows the pursuers enough for the carriage to get away. However, the carriage is soon followed by horses. After some time the carriage is able to lose the horsemen and the Crew regroups. They peek into the crates and find grain. They drop it off at the docks a few days later and get paid.

Session One
A new Crew in town

Tyrian and Colrianne, having previously designed to meet, bring JaySpen and Eleon together to form a new crew. After discussing their goals they are interrupted by some ruckus outside. Checking outside they see a noble being a dick, but since that’s nothing new, they go back to their conversation. They are interrupted again by a knock at the door. A teenage boy came with a job offer from Waldorf, the head of a local crew.

After sending the boy away with confirmation, Eleon and Tyrian take a walk in order to find Waldorf and find a shop run by ‘a’ Waldorf, but they have no confirmation of whether it’s ‘the’ Waldorf. They also overhear word of a contract between House Tormander and a local merchant.

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